Cozy Plush Cat Cave

The Cozy Plush Cat Cave gives your cat the purrfect hideaway to feel calm, secure, and cozy. Cats love hiding in enclosed spaces, and this cat cave provides warmth and comfort with its super soft plush interior.  

They feature plush material that mimics a mother’s fur coat to calm and soothe your cat. And, they have adorable cat ears on top and a waterproof and non-slip base.

The Cozy Plush Cat Cave helps to calm your cat to relieve anxiety, and they make sure your kitty is comfy and cozy all year round. It’s no wonder why cats just love these beds!  

✅ Cave design and deep interior create a sense of security. 

✅ Plush material mimics a mother’s fur coat to calm and soothe.

✅ Available in 2 sizes for small and large cats.

✅ Super soft vegan materials 100% pet safe.

Water and dirt resistant bottom keeps floors clean.

✅ Machine washable for added convenience.

Give your cat the gift of happiness and well-being with our Cozy Plush Cat Cave that keeps your cat calm, healthy, and happy! 😻

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    Machine washable for added convenience
    (Machine wash gentle cycle. Tumble dry low heat)
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