EZ Clean™ Scooper


“This is the best invention ever.  I never have to pick up warm poop with my hand again, and now the kids have no excuses to not walk the dog.  I am very pleased with this product.”

- Fran H.
Verified Buyer

Over 60% of dog owners do not walk their dog as often due to having to pick up after their dog.  That awful, warm and squishy feeling and smell is enough to make us think twice before walking our dog.  However, dogs need plenty of exercise to maintain healthy weight, and unhealthy weight gain leads to heart disease in dogs that can require expensive treatments.

Now, you no longer have to worry about this problem anymore, presenting the EZ Clean™ Scooper!  The EZ Clean™ Scooper features a unique design that allows you to easily pick up after your dog in a pleasant and convenient way.  Each EZ Clean™ Scooper builds confidence through a promise of exceptional quality and unmatchable convenience for you and your dog.


PLEASANT: The unique design of our EZ Clean™ Scooper contains the smell and keeps your hands clean.  So you can enjoy walking your dog more often and be the best pet parent you can be.

CONVENIENT: Our EZ Clean™ Scooper features a built-in bag compartment.  So you can get ready to walk your dog quickly and enjoy having more free time with your dog.

PORTABLE:  Our EZ Clean™ Scooper features a foldable design with a leash clip that easily attaches to your dogs leash, or even a backpack or belt.  So you can always be prepared wherever you walk your dog.

EFFECTIVE: The EZ Clean™ Scooper is effective at cleaning multiple types of surfaces, including sidewalks and grass, and it expands to contain large loads.  So you can enjoy having a clean and pleasant neighborhood.


We understand how awful it can be having to clean up after our dog and not giving them the proper amount of walking and exercise they need.  It can be very frustrating having to worry about our dog's health and well-being!  A recent study shows that the average treatment for heart disease in overweight dogs costs a minimum of $2,500USD, just to fix the damage caused by your dog not getting enough exercise!

Thankfully, with the EZ Clean™ Scooper we can take a deep breath and sigh with relief knowing we are walking our dog in the healthiest way.  The EZ Clean™ Scooper allows you clean up after your dog in the most convenient and pleasant way possible.  You’ll finally be able to feel confident that you are the best dog parent you can be, and that you're properly caring for your dog's happiness and well-being.


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