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PawsUp™ Comfort Steps

PawsUp™ Comfort Steps

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“Since Max's injury, every step was a struggle. PawsUp™ Comfort Steps changed that. The non-slip design and gentle slope ease his pain, letting him reach high spots freely. A true game-changer for our dog."

- Marissa M.
Verified Buyer

Does your aging or injured dog have trouble reaching higher places like the couch, bed or windowsill? Introducing the PawsUp™ Comfort Steps, the ultimate accessory for your furry friend’s comfort and mobility! This ergonomic pet ladder is made specifically for pets to help them reach high spots safely and easily. With its sturdy, high-density sponge interior and non-slip corduroy exterior, every step ensures secure footing, joint protection, and comfort for a healthy and happy dog.


The PawsUp™ Comfort Steps are filled with high-density sponge, offering your pet strong support and comfort. This sturdy design ensures that your dog can ascend and descend easily, safely, and comfortably to improve their independence and well-being.

Crafted from non-slip corduroy material, these stairs significantly enhance stability and prevent any shifting. This safety feature keeps your pet safe and boosts their confidence when using the stairs.


The gentle slope of each stair protects your pet’s joints, reducing the load on your dog's legs when climbing and offering much-needed joint protection. This design ensures safer and more comfortable climbing, for a healthy, joyful pet.

The stairs feature a corduroy cover that is soft and soothing offering a delightful experience for your pet's paws. This comfort encourages frequent use, making climbing up and down fun and joyful for your dog.

The lightweight design of these steps allows for easy relocation around your home. Wherever your pet wishes to climb, PawsUp™ Comfort Steps can be there to support their journey.

A sturdy, non-slip bottom makes the product reliable for frequent use. This promotes safer climbing and keeps your dog safe and happy.

Features a removable and machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. Simply wash by hand or machine was on cold / delicate and air dry. This saves time and helps your pet stay clean and healthy.


Step 1: Unpack the PawsUp™ Comfort Steps from the packaging, allowing some time for them to regain their original shape.

Step 2: Position the stairs next to the elevated surface (bed, sofa, car) that your pet frequently accesses, ensuring they're placed on a flat, non-slippery surface.

Step 3: Lead your pet to the stairs and encourage them to climb, possibly using a treat or toy as motivation.

Step 4: Supervise your pet during their initial uses to ensure they are comfortable and safe.

Step 5: For cleaning, remove the stair covers and wash them in your regular laundry, replacing them once clean and dry.

Step 6: If you need to change the stairs' location, simply pick them up and move them, taking advantage of their lightweight and portable design.


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