SAFE-PET Adjustable Dog Seat Belt Offer

Baby Blue

To promote the health and safety of dogs everywhere, we are giving away 500 of our SAFE-PET Adjustable Dog Seat Belts!

Did you know that thousands of dogs every year are injured or worse by jumping out of car windows or by distracting their drivers? 

Make car rides with your dogs safe, comfortable, and distraction-free with the SAFE-PET Adjustable Dog Seat Belt. 

These seat belts easily attach your pup's harness to your car, so you can drive without your dog distracting you or jumping out the window.

And, they feature adjustable straps to make sure your dog is both safe and comfortable.  

Available in 8 different colors. 

 FREE!!! -Just Pay Shipping! - Limited Time Only While Supplies Last
We ship with a USPS tracking number. Shipping takes between 2 to 4 weeks. 

Product Features:

✅ Prevents dogs jumping out of car windows

✅ Stops your dog from distracting you while you drive

✅ Easily attach your dog's harness to your car

✅ Adjustable straps so your dog is safe and comfortable

✅ Great for XS to XL dogs!

Product Details

  • Adjustable Length: between 17.7 in (45 cm) and 28 in (72 cm) when fully extended
  • Width: About 1 inch (2.5 cm)
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All orders are trackable via USPS or your country's national shipping service (Royal Post, Canada Post, Australia Post, etc). 

**please note: this product has not been crash tested and is not intended to completely protect from major auto accidents**