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Slither Sprint™ Interactive Cat Toy

Slither Sprint™ Interactive Cat Toy

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“This snake toy has been a fantastic purchase for my cats, providing hours of entertainment with its realistic design and ability to detect objects and change direction. I highly recommend this toy to any cat owner looking to add excitement to their feline's playtime!”

- Olivia T.
Verified Buyer

Is your cat snoozing all day, growing bored and chubby? Snap them into action with the Slither Sprint™ Interactive Cat Toy! This clever toy slithers like a real snake, making your cat go bananas. It's smart, dodging furniture and restarting with a simple tap. Forget changing batteries - it charges like a phone! Tough enough to handle wild cat play, it’s the treat your cat’s been dreaming of. It’s time to bring the thrill of the hunt to your living room!

This toy mimics a snake's slither, making your cat pounce and play. Your feline stays spry, sharp, and far from the dreaded boredom.

Slither Sprint™ is built tough, so it can handle your cat's wild side. No more wasting cash on flimsy toys; this one stays strong through countless adventures.

The toy's smart sensors dodge walls and objects like a pro. It doesn’t get stuck, so the chase never stops and your cat's playtime stays lively.

With a gentle tap, Slither Sprint™ comes alive and your cat takes command. Watch as your furry pal gets hooked, eager for new thrills in every play session.

This toy works wonders on carpets and floors, turning your home into a hunting ground. Your house becomes an exhilarating jungle for your little predator.

Slither Sprint™ charges with a USB cable, so you can say goodbye to batteries. This means more savings, less hassle, and endless fun for your cat.

Slither Sprint™ delights not just cats, but kids too! Transform your home into a hub of excitement, and bond with your family over thrilling snake hunts.

It’s easy to get the ball rolling with this toy. With minimal fuss, your cat is ready for action, and you get to kick back and enjoy the entertainment.


Step 1: Unbox the toy snake and locate the charging port.

Step 2: Use the included USB cable to charge the toy for about 40 minutes.

Step 3: After charging, turn on the snake toy using the 'S-type' switch.

Step 4: Place the toy on a smooth surface for optimal performance.

Step 5: Let the snake toy slither around, attracting your cat's attention.

Step 6: The toy enters sleep mode after 2 minutes of activity, tap the snake's head to reactivate it.

Step 7: Enjoy watching your cat play endlessly with its new toy snake.

Step 8: After playtime, turn off the toy and recharge it for the next play session.


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