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Waterproof Dog Jacket Harness (2-in-1)

Waterproof Dog Jacket Harness (2-in-1)

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Did you know that dogs like people are susceptible to frost bite and hypothermia in cold weather? 

Invest in your dog's safety with our Waterproof Dog Jacket Harnesses. 

They protect your pup with thick waterproof fabric and a fleece inner lining that keep your dog warm and dry. 

And, they feature a built-in adjustable harness with reflective threads to make sure your dog is both safe and comfortable. 

***Please Use Size Chart At Bottom Of This Page To Choose The Best Size***

Product Features:

✅ 2-in-1 Adjustable Harness Jacket Design

The Waterproof Dog Jacket Harness features a built-in adjustable harness that fits well and conveniently attaches to a leash. Traditional collars put a lot of pressure on a dog's neck and can choke your dog or cause damage to their throat and spine. The Waterproof Dog Jacket Harness evenly distributes pressure across your pup's chest to keep them safe and healthy.

✅ Thick Waterproof Fabric

The Waterproof Dog Jacket Harness features thick waterproof and windproof fabric that keeps your pup warm and dry so that you can enjoy the outdoors together for longer under any conditions knowing that your dog is both safe and comfy.

✅ Fleece Inner Lining

The Waterproof Dog Jacket Harness features fleece inner lining to make sure your dog warm, safe, and comfortable.

✅ Stainless Steel D Rings

The Waterproof Dog Jacket Harness features two stainless steel D rings on the back for attaching a leash so that you can easily take your dog for walks while keeping them warm.

✅ Reflective Thread

The Waterproof Dog Jacket Harness features reflective thread that is visible at night and is designed to protect your and your dog on your walks together.

✅ Zipper Guard

The Waterproof Dog Jacket Harness features a high quality large zipper for easy on & off and a built in zipper guard to prevent dog fur or skin from getting caught in the zipper so that your dogs will always be happy to wear their Jacket Harness.

✅ Easy to Clean

The Waterproof Dog Jacket Harness can be easily cleaned. Just wash it by hand or in a washing machine on a gentle / cold cycle and hang to dry. 

✅ Durable & Pet Safe

The Waterproof Dog Jacket Harness is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly polyester, fleece and cotton and is both durable and safe for your pet.

**Please follow the instructions in our measuring guide below to make sure you choose the best size for your pup! (If you're pup is in between sizes, it's best to order one size up)** 

Show the world how much you love your dog and care for their safety with our Waterproof Dog Jacket Harness that keep your dogs safe, warm, and looking great!

Available in 7 sizes and 5 different colors. 

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**please note: this product is not suitable for large, powerful, aggressive dogs**

**this product has not been crash tested and is not intended to completely protect from major auto accidents** 

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