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Teeth Cleaning Puzzle Ball

Teeth Cleaning Puzzle Ball

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Every year thousands of dogs suffer from tooth decay and periodontal disease. Make sure your pup's teeth and gums are clean and healthy with our Teeth Cleaning Puzzle Ball that is both effective and tons of fun!

Just insert your pup’s favorite treat or dry food in the grooves of the ball and watch your dog chew the ball and figure out how to get them out. Made of soft yet durable rubber that effectively and gently cleans teeth and gums to keep your dog healthy and smelling fresh.  

Our dogs cannot get enough of these toys! We load them up with their favorite treats, and they keep coming back for more. 

Product Features:

✅ Durable to withstand a substantial amount of chewing

✅ Soft and elastic to gently clean your dog’s teeth and massage their gums while they play

✅ Helps prevent plaque and tartar build up and freshens your dog’s breath

✅ Improves your dog’s intelligence as they remove treats to solve the puzzle

✅ Dogs love playing with these toys, especially when they are loaded with treats!

✅ Great for preventing boredom to keep your pup happy and behaving well.

✅ Made of eco-friendly rubber that is safe for your pet.

Product Details:

  • Comes in 2 sizes:  S (1.96 in / 5cm diameter)   and   M (2.76 in / 7cm diameter)

  • Made of durable natural rubber, eco-friendly and pet-safe.

  • Available in red, green, blue, teal, and yellow
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