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Snowflake Tool™ 18-IN-1

Snowflake Tool™ 18-IN-1

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I am so glad I bought this.  I keep it in my purse in case of emergencies and my husband has one in the car, it is so handy.  I've already used it several times when in a pinch.  I bought them as gifts for all the men in the family, and they loved it!”

- Sharon A.
Verified Buyer

Every day millions of people find themselves stuck in emergency situations without having the proper tools.  Not having the proper tools in an emergency can be especially dangerous, inconvenient, and expensive when in an automobile.  This can lead to being trapped in the car, stranded for hours, or having to pay for towing.

Now, you no longer have to worry about this problem anymore, presenting the Snowflake Tool™ (18-in-1)!  The Snowflake Tool™ features a unique design that gives you 18 tools and fits in the palm of your hand.  Each Snowflake Tool™ builds confidence through a promise of exceptional quality and undeniable security for you and your family.


ALWAYS PREPARED: Our Snowflake Tool™ features 18 tools, that include 2 screw drivers, 6 hex keys, 7 wrenches, a bottle opener and more!  This makes sure we are prepared for any situation and have peace of mind.

EASY TO CARRY: The Snowflake Tool™ has a unique design that is light and easy to carry.  It fits in a pocket, purse, wallet, keychain, or glovebox so you can have all of its functions at your service every day.

ENDLESS USES: The Snowflake Tool™ has endless uses for hiking, camping, biking, car repair, opening mail, and more!  Enjoy using your imagination to constantly find new uses for this amazing little tool.

PERFECT GIFT: Our Snowflake Tool™ makes the perfect gift.  It can be used and enjoyed by just about anyone and makes a great stocking stuffer.  It can also be mounted on a Christmas tree for a beautiful and decorative surprise.

We understand how awful it can be when we find ourselves stuck in an emergency situation, such as a car breaking down, without having the proper tools.  It can be very frustrating having to worry about being stranded and paying for towing!

Thankfully, with the Snowflake Tool™ we can take a deep breath and sigh with relief knowing we are always prepared for any situation.  The Snowflake Tool™ allows you to always have over 18 tools in your pocket or purse.  You’ll finally be able to feel confident knowing you are prepared and protected all the time.


(1) X Snowflake Multi-tool

(1) X Key ring

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