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Dancing Fishy™ Interactive Cat Toy

Dancing Fishy™ Interactive Cat Toy

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Treat your cat to the toy of their dreams with the Dancing Fishy™ Interactive Cat Toy. Cats are naturally attracted to this realistic fish toy that features interactive movement and a catnip pouch. The Dancing Fishy™ is designed to keep your cat stimulated and engaged for longer by adapting its movement based on how your cat plays with it to create an interactive and fun experience for your cat.

The Dancing Fishy's interactive movement will stimulate your cat's natural hunting instincts and is a great way to help your cat release energy, eliminate boredom, reduce stress and lower anxiety.

✅ Realistic Fish Simulation 

The Dancing Fishy™ doesn't just look like a real fish, it also moves like one. It kicks just like a real fish when touched and stays still when left alone to keep your cat stimulated and engaged.

✅ Interactive Movement

The Dancing Fishy™ changes the speed of its dancing based on the motion around it to create a fun and interactive experience for your cat. When the fishy detects that it's being played with, it dances faster. And when it detects no movement it slows down and eventually stops. 

✅ Helps Cats Release Energy & Reduces Anxiety

The Dancing Fishy™ will stimulate your cat's natural fish hunting instincts and is great for helping your cat to release energy, eliminate boredom, and reduce stress and anxiety.

✅ Catnip Pouch Attracts & Engages

The Dancing Fishy™ is designed with a pouch for inserting catnip to attract the attention of your cat and to keep them engaged and entertained. And it comes with a free bag of catnip!

✅ The Fun Never Ends

The Dancing Fishy™ can be easily recharged using the USB cable that is included. And the catnip pouch can be refilled to keep your cat stimulated so you and your cat can continue to enjoy the fun over and over again. 

✅ Durable & Pet Safe

The Dancing Fishy™ is made of soft cotton and bite resistant fibers that are eco-friendly, nontoxic, and safe for your pet.

✅ Easy To Clean

The Dancing Fishy™ can be easily cleaned. Just remove the electronic core from the pouch and wash the Dancing Fishy by hand or in the washing machine (cold / delicate cycle).

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