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CalmCanine™ Dog Training Device

CalmCanine™ Dog Training Device

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“Our dog's constant barking was a headache. This device gently stopped it, bringing peace back to our home. A true game-changer!”

- Jenny A.
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Transform your home into a serene retreat with our CalmCanine™ Dog Training Device. Designed for pet owners facing the challenges of excessive barking, jumping, and other unwanted behaviors, this humane and easy-to-use device uses gentle ultrasonic waves to grab your pet’s attention and encourage positive behavior changes. Compact and rechargeable, it’s the perfect companion for peaceful walks and quiet evenings.


CalmCanine™ Dog Training Device uses sound waves to stop barking and bad behavior. This keeps dogs calm and happy.

CalmCanine™ Dog Training Device is easy to carry and doesn’t need new batteries. This makes training anywhere simple.

The device has settings you can change to work best for your dog. This helps you train your dog in a way that's best for them.

It turns off by itself to keep dogs safe. This means you don’t have to worry about it hurting your dog.

A bright light makes night walks safer. This helps you see and keeps you and your dog safe in the dark.

Using it helps your dog listen without being scared. This makes you and your dog get along better.

Comes with a promise that you'll like it. This means you can try it without worrying about wasting money.


Step 1. Charge your CalmCanine™ Dog Training Device using the provided power cord until the indicator light signals it's fully charged.

Step 2. Turn on the device by sliding the power switch to the "On" position, indicated by a glowing light.

Step 3. Select the desired sensitivity setting based on your dog's behavior and response level.

Step 4. When your dog exhibits undesirable behavior, calmly point the CalmCanine™ Dog Training Device towards them.

Step 5. Press and release the activation button to emit a gentle ultrasonic sound, catching your dog's attention and interrupting the behavior.

Step 6. Reinforce the correction with a verbal command or cue that you consistently use for training.

Step 7. Reward your dog with praise or a treat when they respond positively to the correction and command.

Step 8. Repeat these steps consistently to reinforce good behavior and establish a pattern of obedience.

Step 9. For nighttime use or added visibility, utilize the built-in flashlight feature by pressing the designated flashlight button.

Step 10. After each training session, turn the device off to conserve battery life until next use.


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