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FelineFresh™ Litter Scooper

FelineFresh™ Litter Scooper

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“Finally, a scoop that tackles all litter box mess! No more spills, quick bag changes, and clean-up is a breeze. A true lifesaver!”

- Amelia M.
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Discover the ultimate solution to your litter box woes with our innovative scoop. Designed with a built-in trash can, it streamlines waste disposal, eliminating mess and reducing cleaning time. Crafted from durable, easy-to-clean material, it offers an ergonomic handle for comfort, and an efficient filtering system to save litter. Perfect for busy cat owners seeking a hassle-free, hygienic solution.


FelineFresh™ includes an integrated trash can for easy waste disposal. This feature simplifies the litter cleaning process, making it quicker and more efficient, thus saving cat owners valuable time.

The design of FelineFresh™ minimizes litter spillage and mess during cleaning. This ensures a cleaner, more sanitary litter box area, enhancing overall hygiene in your home.

Made from high-quality ABS plastic, FelineFresh™ is both durable and easy to clean. This ensures a long-lasting, hygienic tool for litter box maintenance, providing peace of mind for cat owners.

The scoop features an ergonomic handle for comfort during use. This design reduces strain on hands and wrists, making litter box cleaning more comfortable, especially for individuals with mobility issues.

FelineFresh™ efficiently filters cat litter, separating waste from clean litter. This feature saves clean litter, reducing wastefulness and saving money on litter replacement.


Designed to handle a substantial amount of litter, FelineFresh™ reduces the need for frequent emptying. This is especially beneficial for households with multiple cats or larger litter boxes.

The scoop allows for quick and easy bag replacement. This feature enhances the convenience of cleaning and maintains a hygienic litter box environment.

Compatible with biodegradable bags, FelineFresh™ offers an eco-friendly option for waste disposal. This allows cat owners to make environmentally conscious choices while maintaining cleanliness.


Step 1. Place a fresh bag in the built-in compartment at the bottom of the FelineFresh™.

Step 2. Gently scoop the litter, allowing the unique filtering system to separate waste from clean litter.

Step 3. Tilt the scooper to deposit the waste directly into the integrated trash can.

Step 4. Detach the filled bag from the compartment, using the convenient tie feature to securely close it.

Step 5. Discard the tied-up bag in your trash bin.

Step 6. Replace with a new bag from the supplied bundle, ensuring it's properly positioned for the next use.

Step 7. Rinse the scooper as needed to maintain hygiene and prolong its durability.


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