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FelineFun™ Self-play Cat Hunting Spiral Tunnel Toy

FelineFun™ Self-play Cat Hunting Spiral Tunnel Toy

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“Living in a small space, I needed a compact toy for my cats. The Spiral Tunnel is perfect! It's easy to store and keeps my cats active and happy.”

 - Julia H.
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Unleash your cat’s playful spirit with the FelineFun™ Self-play Cat Hunting Spiral Tunnel Toy! Perfect for small spaces, this collapsible tunnel entertains and exercises your pet without clutter. Featuring built-in toys and a durable design, it engages your cat’s hunting instincts and fosters social play among multiple cats, ensuring they stay active, healthy, and happy.


The FelineFun™ is made with tough, elastic steel wire and mesh. This construction withstands energetic play, ensuring a long-lasting play space for your cat.

Equipped with hanging plush and feather toys, the tunnel excites cats and taps into their hunting instincts. Regular play helps maintain your cat's physical health and reduces common behavior issues related to boredom.

The FelineFun™ can be quickly collapsed and stored or taken on trips. This makes it easy for you to provide a familiar play environment for your cat, anywhere you go.

Crafted from non-toxic and odorless materials, the tunnel ensures a safe playing area. This protects your cat from harmful chemicals, letting them play with peace of mind.

The spacious design of the tunnel allows multiple cats to play at once. This feature helps foster better relationships and social skills among cats.

Inside the tunnel, the hanging toys provide continuous amusement. This feature is particularly valuable when you are not at home, keeping your cat entertained and active on their own.


Step 1. Remove the FelineFun™ from its packaging and let it automatically pop into shape.

Step 2. Choose a spacious, flat area in your home that is free of obstructions to set up the tunnel.

Step 3. Encourage your cat to explore the tunnel by placing some of its favorite toys or treats inside and letting it approach at its own pace.

Step 4. Ensure your cat's safety by supervising playtime initially, then allow independent play once they're comfortable with the tunnel.

Step 5. After playtime, collapse the tunnel into a compact circle and store it in a dry, safe place.

Step 6. Maintain the tunnel's cleanliness by wiping it with a damp cloth and mild pet-friendly detergent when needed, ensuring it's fully dry before the next use.


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