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FleaFree™ ProGroomer

FleaFree™ ProGroomer

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“I was introduced to this comb by my vet, and it has been a game-changer for my pets. The padded handle makes it comfortable to use, and it's gentle on my pets while effectively removing fleas and extra hair.”

- Cameron S.
Verified Buyer

Every pet owner knows the struggle of keeping their furry friend free of fleas, dandruff, and dirt. But with our specially designed comb, this task becomes a breeze. The FleaFree™ ProGroomer stainless steel comb glides smoothly through your pet's hair, removing dirt, dandruff, and fleas without hurting their skin. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and the fine teeth ensure even the smallest dandruff is removed, leaving your pet's coat shiny and healthy. It’s the ultimate tool for maintaining your pet’s health and well-being.

The FleaFree™ ProGroomer has stainless steel microgrooves and rounded teeth that effectively remove all dandruff, dirt, and fleas from your pet's hair, ensuring your pet stays healthy and their coat stays shiny.

The flea removal comb is designed with long metal teeth and a tight spiral form, that glides smoothly through your pet's hair without scraping or cutting their skin, which means a more comfortable and safe grooming experience for your pet.

The FleaFree™pet comb is made of durable and reusable stainless steel, which means it's easy to clean with water and can be used multiple times, saving you time and money in the long run.

The ergonomic rubber handle of the FleaFree™ makes it easy to grip and comfortable to hold during grooming sessions, which means less strain on your hand and a more enjoyable experience for both you and your pet.

The fine tooth comb design makes it suitable for all types of hair and has good anti-slip performance, so you can use it on all your pets, regardless of their coat type.

The FleaFree™ ProGroomer is a reusable and practical hair removal comb, which means you won't need to buy replacement combs frequently, saving you money in the long term.

This comb can be used for flea and tear stain removal, as well as regular screening and dandruff detection, making it a versatile tool for all your pet grooming needs, and ensuring your pet stays clean and healthy.


Step 1: Ensure your pet is calm and comfortable before starting the grooming process.

Step 2: Gently check and remove any mats, tangles, or large debris from your pet's coat by hand or with a detangling brush.

Step 3: Hold the ergonomic handle of the FleaFree™ ProGroomer and start combing your pet's hair from head to tail, focusing on common flea areas like the neck, base of the tail, and underarms.

Step 4: Comb with gentle, even strokes in the direction of hair growth, ensuring to reach the skin without pressing too hard.

Step 5: Regularly check and clean the comb by wiping it with a tissue or rinsing it in warm soapy water during the grooming process.

Step 6: Reward your pet with a treat and some affection after the grooming session.

Step 7: Thoroughly clean the FleaFree™ ProGroomer with warm soapy water, rinse it well, and let it air dry after use.


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