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GlowGuardian™ Rechargeable LED Dog Collar

“I absolutely love this rechargeable neon collar! Not only is it affordable and straightforward to size, but it also drastically improves my dog's visibility during our nightly walks, regardless of how dim the environment is. The plug-in charging feature is a blessing, saving me from any battery-related hassles. It's not just fun and good-looking, but a true lifesaver that's earned countless compliments from others while enhancing our safety on evening walks.”

- Laura J.
Verified Buyer

Discover the GlowGuardian™ Rechargeable LED Dog Collar, your pet's safety essential for evening outings. This innovative collar uses high-visibility LED technology to ensure your furry friend is always seen, even in low-light conditions. With its easy USB rechargeability, adaptable sizing, and weatherproof design, it offers a perfect blend of practicality and style. Choose GlowGuardian™ today - for the peace of mind knowing your pet is safe and fashionable at all times.

The collar utilizes modern LED lights that glow brightly, making it one of the most effective high-visibility dog safety collars available. This ensures your pet's visibility in low light conditions, providing peace of mind during evening walks, and consequently improving overall pet safety.

The GlowGuardian™ is rechargeable via micro USB, meaning it can be powered through various devices like phone chargers, laptops, and computers. This ensures your dog's collar remains luminous even on long walks, reducing the risk of visibility issues, and thus enhancing your pet's security at night.

The collar is weatherproof, guaranteeing its effectiveness in all conditions. Along with its adjustable nature, it ensures a comfortable fit for your dog. This ensures your pet's comfort during usage, leading to a happier, safer pet, regardless of weather conditions.

With a total length of 50cm, the collar can be adjusted to any length using scissors, making it suitable for all dog sizes. This guarantees a perfect fit for your pet, enhancing comfort during walks, and ultimately leading to a more enjoyable experience for both you and your pet.

The GlowGuardian™ features three glow modes – quick flash, slow flash, and steady glow. These options cater to different visibility needs and preferences, improving your pet's visibility according to the situation, and thereby boosting overall safety.

The collar is made from premium TPU material, making it durable yet lightweight. This ensures the collar withstands various outdoor conditions, while not weighing your pet down, ensuring longevity of the product, and increased comfort for your pet.

Using a Lithium-ion battery, the collar provides the ultimate performance while being eco-friendly. This contributes to environmental preservation while keeping your pet safe, promoting a healthier planet and pet safety.


Step 1: Measure your pet's neck and, if needed, use scissors to cut the TPU tube of the collar to the correct length, avoiding the LED lights.

Step 2: Charge the collar fully before the first use by connecting the micro USB cable to the collar and any USB power source.

Step 3: Press the power button to turn on the collar, making your pet visible in low-light conditions.

Step 4: Select from the three light modes: quick flash, slow flash, and steady glow, by pressing the power button.

Step 5: After your walk, hold the power button to turn off the collar and recharge it for next use.



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