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Loco Lobster™ Interactive Dog Toy

Loco Lobster™ Interactive Dog Toy

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“This toy is a game-changer! My pup, Bella, can’t get enough of it. It keeps her busy for hours.”

- Sarah T.
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Introducing the Loco Lobster™ Interactive Dog Toy! This durable toy springs to life with a silent motion sensor, stimulating your dog’s natural hunting instincts. This keeps dogs mentally engaged, making playtime more fulfilling and reducing their stress and anxiety. Its USB rechargeable battery and washable design make it easy to maintain. Invest in your fur baby’s health and happiness with the Loco Lobster™ Interactive Dog Toy!

The toy’s flopping motion and touch sensor activation stimulate your pet's natural hunting instincts. This stimulation keeps them mentally engaged, making playtime more fulfilling and reducing their stress and anxiety.

The Loco Lobster™ features a silent contact motion sensor that automatically starts and stops depending on your pet's interaction with it. This feature ensures your pet stays engaged and physically active, promoting healthy exercise and energy levels.

The Loco Lobster™ is powered by a USB-rechargeable battery that can last for up to two days of fun. This not only makes the toy cost-effective, saving you from battery replacements, but also ensures your pet's playtime is uninterrupted.

Made with durable and plush TPR-Grade padding, the toy can withstand strong chewers and is safe for pets. The toy’s durability ensures it lasts through endless hours of play, providing value while keeping your pet entertained.

The Loco Lobster™ comes with a detachable power box, making it easy to wash and maintain. This feature ensures your pet’s toy stays clean and hygienic, contributing to your pet’s health and wellbeing.

The toy's intelligent standby feature means it only swings when touched. This ensures efficient energy usage, prolonging the toy's battery life so your pet can enjoy longer play sessions.

The Loco Lobster™ has a realistic appearance and soft touch, enhancing your pet's interactive experience. This realism helps stimulate your pet's hunting instincts, offering them a more engaging and rewarding experience.

The toy has three vibration modes: slow, fast, and crazy. These different modes add variety to your pet's playtime, keeping them entertained for longer, and catering to different moods and energy levels.


Step 1: Connect the USB charging cable to the toy's charging port and to a USB device for initial charging until the indicator light turns green.

Step 2: After full charging, unplug the USB cable and secure the Velcro pocket that houses the charging device.

Step 3: Activate the toy by turning on the provided switch, enabling its touch-activated movement.

Step 4: Place the toy on the floor for your pet's playtime - it will react and move based on your pet's touch and interaction.

Step 5: The toy will automatically halt its movements if untouched for a brief period, conserving battery life.

Step 6: For cleaning, remove the charging device, hand-wash the toy with mild detergent, rinse, and let dry completely before reinserting the charging device.


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