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LuxPaws™ 2-In-1 Cat Tunnel Bed

LuxPaws™ 2-In-1 Cat Tunnel Bed

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“Finally, a stylish cat tunnel that's easy to clean & my cat loves! It's plush, stable, and space-saving. A real game-changer for pet owners.”

- Brooke F.
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Transform your home into a feline paradise with our LuxPaws™ 2-In-1 Cat Tunnel Bed. Crafted with ultra-soft plush fabric and designed for durability, it provides the perfect blend of play and comfort. Its easy-clean, collapsible design and non-slip safety feature address every pet owner's needs, while the stylish choices fit seamlessly into any decor. Offer your cat endless joy and relaxation in one elegant solution.


LuxPaws™ 2-In-1 Cat Tunnel Bed serves as both a play area and a bed, making it perfect for active and rest times. Cats can explore and nap in one spot, simplifying pet care.

The detachable and washable design of LuxPaws™ ensures a clean play and sleep space with minimal effort. This keeps your home hygienic and your pet healthy.

A stable base prevents the tunnel from moving during play. Peace of mind for pet owners with active cats.

It folds up easily for when you need to save space or travel. This makes the LuxPaws™ 2-In-1 Cat Tunnel Bed convenient for homes of all sizes and portable for trips.

Made from plush fabric, it offers ultimate comfort for your cat. This makes nap time cozy, encouraging relaxation and stress relief.

Available in various colors, it fits into any home decor seamlessly. This means it not only makes your cat happy but also enhances your living space.

With an extended tunnel and hanging toys, it encourages active play. This helps keep your cat fit and entertained, reducing boredom.

Designed to cater to cats of all sizes and ages. This inclusivity ensures every cat can enjoy the comfort and fun it offers.


Step 1. Unfold the LuxPaws™ 2-In-1 Cat Tunnel Bed from its compact packaging.

Step 2. Zip together the edges to transform it into the tunnel shape.

Step 3. Place the tunnel in your cat’s favorite spot or in a cozy corner of your home.

Step 4. Introduce your cat to the tunnel by gently placing them at the entrance or enticing them with the hanging toys.

Step 5. To clean, simply detach the bed and tunnel components and machine wash on a gentle cycle.

Step 6. After washing, air dry the parts before reassembling for another round of fun.

Step 7. For storage, unzip and fold the tunnel back into its flat, compact shape.


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