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Paw Paradise™ Portable Dog Pool


“This doggy pool is a game changer, the setup is a breeze and it is sturdy enough even for our german shepherds. Not only does it provide a refreshing retreat for our dogs during the summer, its easy storage makes it practical for all seasons. It also works great as a kiddie pool!”

- Amanda D.
Verified Buyer

Does your dog sizzle in the summer heat like a hot dog on a grill? Cool 'em down with Paw Paradise™ Portable Dog Pool! Picture your pup happily splashing, with a wagging tail and a big grin. Made with tough stuff, this pool won't rip or leak. Set it up in a snap - no sweat! It's like a beach vacation in your backyard. Don't let your furry pal roast - give them the chill time they deserve with Paw Paradise™!

The Paw Paradise™ Portable Dog Pool unfolds effortlessly. In a blink, you’re ready to fill it with water. No fumbling with air pumps or complicated instructions. Your furry friend dives into cool bliss while you sit back and soak in the joy.

Paw Paradise™ is crafted from rugged, waterproof PVC. This ain’t your typical flimsy kiddie pool. Your dog’s claws are no match. It stays strong, season after season. Your wallet stays fat, and your dog stays happy.

After the fun, just drain and fold up this lightweight pool. It’s compact, so it slips into any nook or cranny. No more bulky, space-hogging clutter. Your garage stays neat, and the pool’s always ready for the next heat wave.

Dogs in the summer are like ice cream in an oven. This pool is deep enough for full-body doggy dunks. They stay chill, even on scorching days. You get peace of mind, and they get relief from the heat.

A textured bottom means no doggy wipeouts. Your beloved pooch can jump, play, and splash without any slips or slides. They get safe, skid-free fun, and you don’t worry about any boo-boos.

The Paw Paradise™ Pool isn’t just for water. Fill it with sand or sea balls for a beach party in your backyard. It's an entertainment hub for your furball. They’re never bored, and you’re the hero.

Little Chihuahua or giant Saint Bernard, Paw Paradise™ has got you covered. Choose from multiple sizes. Every dog gets the perfect fit. Your pup gets the royal treatment, and you get to be the best pet parent.

Not just for your canine! Clean it out, and it's ready for your kiddos or grandbabies. It's fun for the whole family. You invest in one pool and get endless entertainment for everyone you love.


Step 1: Remove the Paw Paradise™ Portable Dog Pool from its packaging and unfold it on a flat, smooth surface away from sharp objects.

Step 2: Confirm that the drain plug is securely closed before filling the pool.

Step 3: When playtime is over, open the drain plug to empty the pool.

Step 4: Once dry, fold the pool back into its compact shape and store it in a cool, dry place until next use.


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