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Personalized Safe-At-Night Dog Collar

Personalized Safe-At-Night Dog Collar

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“We bought this for our dog to make sure she is visible at night and can be identified if she wanders off which she tends to do.  We love it, it is great quality and does a great job of keeping her visible at night.”

- Paula S.
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Every year millions of dogs suffer injuries by cars due to lack of visibility.  Making sure your dog is visible at night is incredibly important to prevent accidents from happening.

Invest in your dog's safety with the Personalized Safe-At-Night Dog Collar that features reflective nylon threads and personalized identification to make sure your dogs are visible at night to keep them safe.

✅ EASY IDENTIFICATION: The personalized metal buckle of the collar provides easy identification to prevent your dog from getting lost.  With the Personalized Safe-At-Night Collar, you can finally rest assured knowing your dog can be easily identified and found.

✅ SAFE AT NIGHT: The Personalized Safe-At-Night Dog Collar features reflective nylon threads  to make sure your dog is visible and safe when walking at night.  So you can feel confident knowing you are protected.

✅ PERFECT FIT: It is adjustable and comes in several different sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your dog.  This makes sure your dog is safe and comfortable on your walks.

✅ DURABLE AND COMFY: The Personalized Safe-At-Night Dog Collar is made of sturdy nylon and the buckle is made of metal that are durable and safe for your pet.  It is designed to last a lifetime and will continue to keep your dog safe and happy on your walks together.

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