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Potty Pal™ Reusable Pet Pads

Potty Pal™ Reusable Pet Pads

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“I bought 4 of these pads and they are great! Finally, no leaks or odors, and they’re slip-resistant too. I love that they’re washable, which saves money on disposables and saves the environment. I highly recommend Potty Pal”

- Jaime T.
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Tired of dealing with constant messes and wet floors from your furry friend's accidents? Introducing the Potty Pal™ Reusable Pet Pads your ultimate solution for a clean and dry home. Say goodbye to costly disposable pee pads with this eco-friendly solution. Machine-washable and durable, it’s gentle on your pet’s paws but tough on leaks and spills, giving you peace of mind and a spotless home.


The reusable pads feature a 4-layered design that locks in moisture swiftly, ensuring your living spaces remain dry and clean. This level of absorbency makes them ideal for both young puppies and older dogs, offering a reliable solution against messes on floors, carpets, and couches.

Potty Pal™ pads not only outshine disposables in terms of size and durability, but they're also an environmentally conscious choice. This reduces monthly expenses on throwaways and cuts down on landfill waste, promoting sustainability while saving you money.

With a 100% polyester knitting surface, the Potty Pal™ pads offer ultimate comfort. The gentle blanket texture not only feels soft but also allows for grip without slipping, ensuring your pet's comfort during use.

Made from high-quality materials, these pads stand up to the test of repeated washing. Their sturdy construction ensures longevity, making them chew resistant and machine washable for easy maintenance and peace of mind.

The inclusion of anti-slip silica gels on the bottom ensures that the pads remain securely in place, preventing slips and adding an extra layer of protection for your floors. This design ensures both the safety of your pet and the cleanliness of your space.

Beyond potty training, these pads serve many purposes—from lining crates and protecting furniture to placement under food bowls. Their reliability ensures peace of mind in varied situations, maximizing their utility in a pet owner's home.

The Potty Pal™ Reusable Pet Pads are made of non-toxic, eco-friendly and pet-safe materials, ensuring safety for both your home and pet. You can rest assured that you and your family are safe and that your home is free of harmful chemicals.

With their foldable design and high absorbency, these pads are an excellent companion for travel. They protect car seats and trunks, ensuring that adventures with your pet remain hassle-free and mess-free.



Step 1: Unpack the Potty Pal™ Reusable Pet Pads from the packaging.

Step 2: Choose a Location: Select an area where your pet frequently spends time or has accidents.

Step 3: Place the Potty Pal™ anti-slip side down in the chosen area, ensuring full coverage in crates or carriers.

Step 4: Introduce Your Pet: Gently guide your pet onto the Potty Pal™ to acquaint them with its feel and scent.

Step 5: Clean as Needed: Wash soiled Potty Pal™ in a machine on a gentle cycle with cold water, avoiding softeners or bleach, and air dry or tumble dry low.

Step 6: Have a Backup: Keep a fresh Potty Pal™ handy to replace the used one during washing for uninterrupted use.

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