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SilentPaw™ Pro Barking Control Device

SilentPaw™ Pro Barking Control Device

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“Endless barking made my home a stressful place. SilentPaw™ Pro changed that overnight. Instantly, my home became a tranquil sanctuary. It's humane, easy to use, and truly life-changing!”

- Abbey M.
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Introducing SilentPaw™ Pro, your solution for restful nights and calm days free from dog barking. Its cutting-edge sound detection zeroes in on barking sounds, providing a gentle correction that humanely stops the barking. Easy to set up and customizable to your needs, it's not just an amazing invention—it means peace for your home and kindness for your pets. Experience the harmony SilentPaw™ Pro brings, get yours today!


The SilentPaw™ Pro Barking Control Device quickly stops disruptive barking, transforming a noisy setting into a peaceful environment. This ensures you, your neighbors, and your pets live in happy harmony.

With state-of-the-art microphones, this device identifies dog barking with precision. This means fewer disturbances and more tranquil moments for you and your family.

The device operates without causing any harm or discomfort to dogs. By choosing SilentPaw™ Pro, you're ensuring a kinder approach to dog training, leading to a happier home and neighborhood.

Setting up the SilentPaw™ Pro Barking Control Device is a breeze. This save you precious time when reclaiming your peaceful surroundings.

Adjust the sensitivity levels to best suit the dogs in your vicinity. This customization means effective bark control, tailored to your specific environment.

Easily recharge the device with the included USB cable. Plus its robust battery promises prolonged performance for consistent peace without the need for frequent recharges or battery changes.

Rain or shine, SilentPaw™ Pro continues to work its magic. It's weather-resistant durability ensures year-round tranquility, regardless of weather conditions.

Beyond just silence, the device offers a stress-free ambiance. Experience calm mornings and restful nights, elevating your quality of life.


Step 1: Unbox your SilentPaw™ Pro Barking Control Device carefully.

Step 2: Locate the mounting bracket and attach it to a desired spot near the source of the barking.

Step 3: Charge the unit using the included USB cable if necessary.

Step 4: Turn on the device using the main switch.

Step 5: Adjust the sensitivity levels based on the dog's size and proximity.

Step 6: Monitor your pet's reactions and adjust settings if needed.

Step 7: Clean the device occasionally with a soft cloth to ensure optimal performance.

Step 8: Replace batteries when the low-power indicator illuminates.

Step 9: Enjoy the peace and serenity that SilentPaw™ brings to your home.



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