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Suds-N-Paws™ Dog Bathing Tool

Suds-N-Paws™ Dog Bathing Tool

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“This bathing gadget has been a life-saver! It's very easy to set up, and the adjustable soap dispenser ensures an even lather, making bathing my dogs efficient and mess-free.”

- Rhonda H.
Verified Buyer

Washing your dog is a messy chore, right? Not anymore! The Suds-N-Paws™ Dog Bathing Tool makes bath time a breeze. With its 8 spray patterns and built-in soap dispenser, you’ll wash away dirt and have your fur baby sparkling in no time. No more juggling shampoo bottles or wrestling with hoses. Just attach Suds-N-Paws™ to your garden or shower hose, add soap, and you’re ready to go.

With the Suds-N-Paws™, you’ll soak, soap, and rinse your dog in record time. The bathing tool's super-powered sprayer means you get your pup cleaned up fast, so you can enjoy more playtime together.

The Suds'n'Paws™ boasts 8 spray patterns. This customizes the bath experience, ensuring a thorough clean no matter the fur type and sensitivity level of your fur baby. This makes sure your pup gets a thorough cleaning easily and stress-free.

Fill the built-in soap dispenser, pick the perfect soap mix with a simple twist, and lather away. This ensures your dog gets a deep clean without wasting soap, keeping them healthier and happier.

The bathing tool’s one-hand design makes it easy and efficient to operate. You’ll effortlessly control water, soap, and spray patterns with one hand. Your other hand stays free for comforting and controlling your dog during bath time.

Just twist it onto your hose, and you're set. No more fumbling with extra buckets and hoses. The simplicity frees up your time and energy for more fun activities with your clean, joyful pup.

Made with sturdy materials, this bathing tool is designed for repeated uses and is built to last. This rugged build means it's always ready for action, guaranteeing countless joyful and hassle-free bath times for your furry friend.

Professional groomers love the Suds'n'Paws™. Its pro-grade features ensure a top-notch bath at home. Your dog gets groomer-quality pampering without the expensive trips and long waits.

The Suds'n'Paws™ features a smart design that uses water efficiently. You’ll cut down on water bills while giving your dog a professional cleaning, saving water and the environemnt and making your pup healthier and happier.


Step 1: Connect the wash wand to your garden hose using the included connectors if needed.

Step 2: Fill the attached soap dispenser bottle with your dog’s shampoo or conditioner.

Step 3: Use the dial on the wand to set the desired soap-to-water ratio.

Step 4: Rotate the head to select one of the eight spray patterns that best suits your dog.

Step 5: Gently wet your dog’s coat with the wand.

Step 6: Press the trigger to release the soap mixture, applying it evenly across your dog’s body.

Step 7: Turn the dial to the water-only setting and thoroughly rinse off the soap.

Step 8: Release the trigger and turn off the water supply.

Step 9: Disconnect the wash wand, empty the soap dispenser, and store it in a dry place.


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