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TravelBuddy™ 3-in-1 Dog Seat Belt and Leash

TravelBuddy™ 3-in-1 Dog Seat Belt and Leash

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“Love these headrest leashes! They safely keep my dog in the back, and the adjustable, elastic straps make sure she's comfortable, even during sudden stops. I finally have peace of mind knowing she is secure!”

- Adrienne J.
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Navigating the road with a pet can be distracting, posing risks to both driver and fur baby. Enter the TravelBuddy™ 3-in-1 Dog Seat Belt and Leash. This innovative solution ensures your pet remains secure and comfortable. Simply hook it over a headrest, lock it, and drive with confidence knowing both you and your precious pet are safe and secure. The swivel design prevents tangles and the elastic bungee cord ensures your pet's comfort for peace of mind.

The TravelBuddy™ 3-in-1 Dog Seat Belt and Leash ensures that your pet remains secure during rides. This minimizes distractions for the driver, reducing potential accidents for safety and peace of mind.

It is fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for small to large dogs, ensuring your dog's complete comfort. So you can drive with the peace of mind knowing that your cherished canine companion is safely and snugly secured beside you.

Quick and easy set up, slip TravelBuddy™ around the headrest or use it as a traditional seatbelt and it's set. No more fumbling or hassle. Hit the road with confidence and make car rides safe and fun.

TravelBuddy™ also doubles a leash for walking your dog. And, it can also be used to secure your dog to stationary objects outdoors, allowing them to get some fresh air while remaining secured.

The 360° swivel keeps the leash from tangling, so your dog can move safely and comfortably. This offers your pet freedom of movement without disruptions for a  pleasurable travel experience.

The TravelBuddy™ features a bungee mechanism to absorb shocks. This makes sure sudden stops don't unsettle your pet, providing them with consistent comfort in the car.

Outfitted with reflective stitching, the TravelBuddy™ enhances visibility in low light environments. This feature promotes added safety during nighttime car rides or walks.

The TravelBuddy™ works with any and all vehicles that have headrests. It reliably secures your pet in any car at anytime, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.


Step 1: Ensure your dog wears a fitted harness.

Step 2: Adjust the TravelBuddy™ restraint to a suitable length for your dog and car space.

Step 3: Loop the restraint's quick-release buckle end around the car seat headrest and secure it or use the seat belt clasp restraint.

Step 4: Clip the restraint's 360° swivel attachment to the D-ring on your dog's harness.

Step 5: Double-check that the restraint is securely attached and allows comfortable movement for your dog.

Step 6: Begin your car journey with your safely restrained dog.

Step 7: After arriving, unclip the swivel attachment from the harness, and optionally remove the restraint from the headrest.

Step 8: Optionally, use the TravelBuddy™ as a leash by extending it to max length and using the headrest loop as a handle.


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