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VelvetPaws™ QuickDry Pet Styler

VelvetPaws™ QuickDry Pet Styler

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“Grooming used to be a loud, stressful event for my Max. With VelvetPaws, it's a quiet, swift process. He's detangled, dry, and relaxed in no time! A game-changer.”

- Jaylen M.
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Transform grooming from a dreaded chore into a bonding moment with VelvetPaws™ QuickDry Pet Styler. Melding a powerful dryer with a detangling brush, it ensures a calm, efficient session, even for the fussiest pets. Its quiet operation eases anxiety, while adjustable heat settings guarantee optimal comfort. Lightweight and easy to use, you're not just buying a tool; you're investing in stress-free grooming and a happier pet.


The VelvetPaws™ QuickDry Pet Styler operates with minimal noise, ensuring your pet stays relaxed. This reduces anxiety and fosters trust, turning grooming into a serene experience.

A robust dryer meshes with a detangling brush, speeding up drying and brushing simultaneously. This combo results in a smoother coat in less time, gifting you extra moments in your day.

Two heat settings cater to diverse fur types and sensitivities. By choosing the right temperature, your pet enjoys maximum comfort, making grooming more tailored to their unique needs.

VelvetPaws™ QuickDry Pet Styler offers more than just drying; it brushes too. Regular use leads to a shinier, healthier coat, ensuring your furry friend always looks their best.

An in-built auto shut-off activates when temperatures soar too high. This means safer grooming sessions, so you can have peace of mind with every use.

Designed ergonomically, it’s user-intuitive and reduces hand strain. This ensures both you and your pet have a smooth grooming journey.

Lightweight and compact, it’s the ideal travel companion. Whether at home or on the go, exceptional grooming is always within arm’s reach.


Step 1: Ensure the VelvetPaws™ QuickDry Pet Styler is unplugged before assembling.

Step 2: Attach the brush head to the device by aligning and gently pressing it into place.

Step 3: Plug the device into a suitable outlet, keeping cords out of your pet's reach. (Comes with the correct electrical plug for your country based on the shipping address on your order)

Step 4: Select your desired temperature setting based on your pet’s fur type and comfort.

Step 5: Begin grooming by holding the Styler at a slight angle and moving it through your pet’s fur in a smooth, steady motion.

Step 6: Periodically clean the brush bristles to remove accumulated fur.

Step 7: Once complete, turn off the device and unplug it.

Step 8: Store the VelvetPaws™ QuickDry Pet Styler in a dry location, away from children and pets.


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