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Whisker Wonderland™ Cat Bed & Scratching Board

Whisker Wonderland™ Cat Bed & Scratching Board

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“I struggled with my cat's furniture scratching until I found this bed. It's a game-changer - durable, comfy, and eco-friendly. No more damaged sofas!”

- Margaret G.
Verified Buyer


Discover the ultimate solution to your cat's comfort and your furniture's safety with our eco-friendly Whisker Wonderland™ Cat Bed & Scratching Board. Designed for feline instincts, it offers a cozy, breathable resting spot and a sturdy scratching surface, ensuring lasting durability. Perfect for cats of all sizes, it not only protects your furniture but also keeps your home fresh and odor-free. Embrace peace of mind and feline bliss in one smart purchase.

The Whisker Wonderland™ Cat Bed & Scratching Board has a sturdy cardboard surface that allows cats to scratch without damage. This saves your furniture from claw marks, keeping your home looking pristine.

The oval-shaped design provides a cozy space for cats to curl up and relax. This feature ensures your pet has a comfortable spot to rest, promoting better sleep and well-being.

Made from 100% recycled cardboard, this product is environmentally friendly. Using this sustainable bed helps reduce your carbon footprint, aligning with eco-conscious values.

Available in various sizes, the Whisker Wonderland™ Cat Bed & Scratching Board caters to felines big and small. This versatility ensures a perfect fit for any cat, enhancing their comfort.

The breathable cardboard minimizes odors. This keeps your home smelling fresh, even with frequent use by your cat.

This bed doubles as a scratcher and lounge. Its dual functionality provides a single solution for your cat's resting and scratching needs, saving space and money.

With a sleek and simple design, it blends seamlessly into home decor. This ensures your pet's area complements your living space, maintaining a stylish aesthetic.

When worn, the Whisker Wonderland™ Cat Bed & Scratching Board is simple to dispose of and replace. This ease of maintenance ensures continuous enjoyment for your cat without hassle.


Step 1: Select the right size of the Whisker Wonderland™ Cat Bed & Scratching Board based on your cat's size and weight.

Step 2: Place the Whisker Wonderland™ Cat Bed & Scratching Board in a quiet, cozy corner of your home where your cat likes to spend time.

Step 3: Introduce your cat to the new bed by gently placing them on it or luring them with their favorite treats or toys.

Step 4: Encourage your cat to explore and use the scratching surface by lightly scratching it yourself to show them it's safe and fun.

Step 5: Regularly check the Whisker Wonderland™ Cat Bed & Scratching Board for any signs of wear and tear, and replace it if it becomes too worn for safe use.

Step 6: Clean the surface periodically with a slightly damp cloth to remove any loose cat hair or debris.

Step 7: Recycle the Whisker Wonderland™ Cat Bed & Scratching Board when it's time for a replacement, to continue supporting eco-friendly practices.


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